Overlanding Rentals

This is a list of companies and groups that allow you to rent overlanding or offroading vehicles in the United States.


  • Sierra Adventure Rentals
    Sierra Adventure Rentals provides an AWD Off-Road adventure van, Subaru Wilderness with Roof Top Tent and a premium 25' travel trailer (and more accessories with rentals).
  • Funki Adventures
    Funki Adventures is an Overland 4x4 offroad adventure provider based in La Jolla, San Diego that will let you rent Jeeps and Adventure Vans.
  • TopoTerra
    Also based in San Diego, TopoTerra specializes in off-grid vehicle and camping rentals with a great lineup of vehicles to choose from.
  • Cypress Overland
    Cypress Overland is an adventure company that rents 4x4 Jeep and Toyota camper vans from San Francisco for overland exploration of wild California.
  • City Rent-A-Car
    A rent-a-car company in San Francisco that offers a wide variety of vehicles ranging from sedans to full offroad vehicles.
  • Pacific Overlander
    The Pacific Overlander’s rentals located in Noe Valley, San Francisco, tours, and vehicle builds are informed by years of backcountry travel and a passion for true adventure.
  • Black and White Car Central
    The Black and White Car Central in Los Angeles has a variety of options in their SUV Rental List that would help you on your trip to the mountains, the beach, or both.
  • Overland Trail Guides
    The Overland Trail Guides offers a Lexus LX570 to aid you in your next expedition.
  • Enterprise
    One of the largest rent-a-car companies in California, the Enterprise, mainly located in Fresno CA boasts a line of offroad-capable vehicles which includes Ford Colorados, Ford F150, and a bunch of mid-sized to Full-size Crossover SUVs.
  • Kyte
    Kyte is an online rent-a-car enterprise accessible through both the mobile app and the web app.
  • Bohemian Highway Travel Co
    The Bohemian Highway Travel Co. offers a full winery tour in Sonoma County as well as a Land Rover Defender 110 for your overland adventures.


  • Washington State Jeep Rentals
    Located in Bellingham, Washington State Jeep Rentals offers different Jeep models for your offroad adventures.
  • Rental Cars 24h
    Rental Cars 24h is a web app that allows you to rent different 4x4 trucks and SUVs in Seattle.
  • Cascade Adventure Vans
    Cascade Adventure Vans has a plethora of amazing camper vans that you can rent in Seattle.


  • Crown Auto Rental
    Crown Auto Rental is a family-owned rent-a-car business in Portland that offers very capable vehicles such as the Chevrolet Suburban and Chevrolet Silverado.
  • Kendall Rent-A-Car
    Kendall Rent-A-Car is a rent-a-car business in Eugene that has a whole lot of 4x4 options.


  • Car Rental
    Car Rental is a web app that offers rental Jeeps and 4x4 SUVs near Las Vegas.
  • Pacific Overlander
    Pacific Overlander in Henderson offers different 4x4 vehicles suited for overlanding adventures equipped with accessories such as roof tents and more.
  • Vegas Jeep Tours
    Vegas Jeep Tours is a company in Las Vegas that offers tours and self-guided rentals of different Jeeps such as the Jeep Gladiator and Wrangler.


  • 4x4 BNB
    4x4 BNB is a company in Tucson that rents out Jeep campers and SUV campers.
  • Red Rock Rubicon Jeep Rentals
    As the company name suggests, Red Rock Rubicon Jeep Rentals exclusively offers to rent out Jeep Rubicons in Sedona.
  • Barlow Adventures
    Barlow Adventures in Sedona also offers overlanding-capable Jeep Rubicons.
  • MYE Jeep
    MYE Jeeps offers fully-equipped Jeep Wranglers that you can rent and ride with GPS navigators loaded with amazing local trail options.
  • Red Rock Adventure Rentals
    Red Rock Adventure Rentals has an amazing line of Jeep Wranglers and decked-out overland trucks that you can rent for multiple days and unlimited mileage.


  • Colorado Overlander
    Colorado Overlander, located in Glenwood Springs has some of the most overlanding-capable vehicles to offer such as the 4runner TRD Pro, Land Cruiser, Tacoma TRD Pro, and Tundra TRD Pro.
  • Utah Overland
    Utah Overland offers a Jeep Rubicon with a rooftop tent set up along with other overlanding equipment and supplies.
  • Escapod
    Escapod, located in Coalville features uniquely designed and serviceable trailers for rent.
  • Geared4Utah
    Geared4Utah is a one-stop renting shop for overlanding located in Lehi that has everything you might need such as vehicles, rooftop tents, and trailers.
  • Southwest Jeep Adventures
    Located in Moab, Southwest Jeep Adventures rent out Jeeps with or without rooftop tent set ups.
  • Zion Trailer Rentals
    Zion Trailer Rentals in Leeds has great overlanding trailers of all sizes that you can rent.


  • Idaho Overland Adventures
    Idaho Overland Adventures in Garden City offers complete camping rigs which include a Toyota 4runner SR5, a rooftop tent, navigation and communication equipment, and other amenities; a camping wagon can also be rented separately.


  • Montana Overlanding
    Montana Overlanding in Bozeman rents out Jeeps and SUVs complete with camping supplies such as rooftop tents, sleeping bags, and camping kitchenwares.
  • Explore Rentals
    Located in Belgrade, Explore Rentals has a plethora of rentable 4x4 SUVs, Sprinter Vans, Crossovers, and Trucks fit for overlanding.
  • Glacier Jeep Rentals
    Along with Yukons and Tahoes, Glacier Jeep Rentals in Columbia Falls also rents out 4-door and hardtop Jeeps.
  • Hatch Rentals
    Hatch Rentals has a wide range of vehicles to choose from like Jeeps and full-size SUVs all with rooftop tent set ups.



  • Colorado Overlander
    Colorado Overlander, in Glenwood Springs, is a company that offers both overlanding vehicles and equipment rentals as well as trip planning and support.
  • Overland Discovery
    Overland Discovery is a company based in Denver that connects overlanders that are willing to rent out their rigs to adventurers looking to rent.
  • Peak Overland
    Peak Overland in Broomfield rents out overland vehicles such as Wranglers and Broncos as well as overland trailers.
  • Colorado Overland Recreational Experience
    Colorado Overland Recreational Experience in Winter Park offers overland capable vehicles with complete camping set ups.
  • Go Explore It
    Go Explore It in Golden rents out camper trucks and SUV rigs to help you explore the beauty of Colorado.
  • Titus Adventure Company
    Located in Denver, Titus Adventure Company rents out overlanding 4x4 trucks, SUVs, and even campervans along with camping gear.
  • Boreas Camper
    Boreas Camper in Denver manufactures and rents cool looking camper trailers.
  • Rocky Mountain Overlander
    Rocky Mountain Overlander is known for their overlanding vehicle rentals that come with complete overlanding and camping gears.

New Mexico

  • Santa Fe Jeep Tours
    Aside from Jeep Tours, Santa Fe Jeep Tours in Santa Fe also have Jeeps with GPS and camping supplies for rent.


  • Taylor'd Overland
    Taylor'd Overland in Hudson Oaks has overland trailers, overlanding gear and overland-capable vehicles for rent.
  • Texas Adventure Rentals
    Texas Adventure Rentals offers to rent out both overland trailers and vehicles.
  • Big Bend Jeeps
    Located in Presidio, Big Bend Jeeps offers Jeeps capable of overlanding for rent.


South Dakota

  • Overland America
    Overland America specializes in Jeeps and Overland Trailer rentals.


  • Out2Explore
    Out2Explore rents out trailers and vehicles from willing owners.
  • Midwest Adventure Rigs
    Midwest Adventure Rigs sells and rents out overlanding trailers.


  • Overland Rentals
    Overland Rentals in Fort Smith has a wide range of overlanding vehicles and overlanding gears for rent to choose from.
  • Arkansas Expedition Rentals
    Arkansas Expedition Rentals has trailers and overland vehicles for rent.


  • Smoky Mountain Jeep Rentals
    Smoky Mountain Jeep Rentals, located in Pigeon Forge, offers to rent out Jeeps capable of traversing the wonders of Tennessee.


  • MI Expedition
    MI Expedition in Franklin rents out 4runners and Grand Cherokees along with camping amenities such as rooftop tents, camp chairs, and awnings.

North Carolina

  • Appalachian Overland
    Appalachian Overland Rentals offers to rent out sturdy and serviceable overlanding trailers.
  • Outbound Offroad
    Outbound Offroad in Raleigh has overlanding trailers for rent.